• Construcciones El Condor is a leader of the road infrastructure sector of Colombia

  • We execute infrastructure projects through responsible engineering

Who we are

Construcciones El Condor is a leader of the road infrastructure sector of Colombia and ranks 2th for the growth of this sector in the year 2017 (2018 Semana Special Edition. The 100 largest companies in Colombia). In addition, the Company has carried out projects nationally and internationally of urbanism, railroads, hydroelectric and mining - using responsible engineering, mitigating environmental impacts, technology, innovation, technical capacity, and best practices, such as efficiency drivers and quality.

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The certifications OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 9001: 2008, endorse the management procedures of the Company, recognize the work and excellence of its employees and are a pledge of guarantee to carry out successfully any type of project.

Financial results

First quarter 2018

During the first quarter, we highlight an increase of 26,9% in revenues versus the same period of 2017. Additionally, this quarter, the precedent conditions for the execution of the sale of 50% of participation in Ruta al Mar were met successfully. Finally, there was a commercial paper emission, for a sum of $300,000 million pesos, with an F1+ rating assigned by FitchRatings and a bid to cover of two times at an average annual rate of 5.49%

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Project portfolio

Knowledge, experience and patrimonial solidity have allowed to participate in some of the most important civil construction projects in the country since 1979, this has made the company a reference in the Colombian infrastructure sector.

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