Concesión Vías de las Américas

Contracting entity: 
Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura – ANI
Contract No: 
008 de 2010

To carry out, at its own risk, the works necessary for the construction, refurbishment, expansion, improvement and conservation, whichever is necessary, of the road project Transversal de las Americas; prepare studies and final designs, land, social and environmental management, obtain and/or amend environmental licenses, financing, operation and maintenance of works, of the beltway "Transversal de las Americas Sector 1", known as “Corredor Vial del Caribe"

Participation Rate: 
Under construction
Antioquia, Córdoba y Sucre.
Project type: 
Concession contract
Concesión Vías de las Américas

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