Good practices

Corporate governance plays a pivotal role to establish the strategies, business practices, policies and procedures used to meet the Company’s goals within an ethical business setting, to build trust among stakeholders.

Major efforts have been made in recent years to adopt the best practices, to strengthen existing practices and to create a culture among our stakeholders – mainly collaborators and administrators – on the relevance and value contributed by a sound corporate governance.

Good practices
Name Responsability
Lina Aguirre Calderón Compliance Officer
Ana María Jaillier Correa Alternate Compliance Officer
Diana Cristina Yepes Rave Data Protection Officer
Viviana Bejarano González Compliance Agent - RNVE

Corporate By-laws

Gathers the regulations for the Company’s operation and for the structure of its Governance.

Country Code Survey

The Country Code Survey is a set of specific measures incorporated by securities issuers in terms of the Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Directors, Disclosure of Financial and Non-financial Information, and Controversy Solution.

Hence, the Country Code Survey is filled out every year-end to measure and continuously improve our corporate practices.

Good Governance Code

This Code rules the operation, powers and duties of the Company’s directive and administrative bodies (Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Directors, Corporate President, Executive President and External Auditor) alongside the guidelines on information and conflict of interest management, and the procedure to solve controversies.

Corporate Ethics Code

Establishes the ethical guidelines and rules that the employees, shareholders, administrators, suppliers and contractors of the Company and its subordinates should follow; and sets the Company’s Risk Management Policy.

Information Disclosure Manual

Gathers the corporate guidelines and rules in terms of information disclosure.


Certifies that practices aimed to prevent and control money laundry and terrorism financing (ML/TF).

Compliance Program

The Compliance Program of Construcciones EI Cóndor collects our philosophy, principles and values alongside the elements related to Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Risk Management – all to create a setting of control of the Company’s activities and relations with stakeholders.