Social Responsibility


Construcciones El Cóndor is a civil engineering company conceived with a clear vision of building up the country by means of infrastructure works. This vision includes our associates, their families, our shareholders, our clients and suppliers, and the communities where we develop each one of our projects.

Thinking specifically of all these people, we have implemented social responsibility and occupational well-being programs based on an environmental, social, and economic perspective. This distinguishes us in the sector, because it’s our ongoing interest to pursue our corporate objective with clear adherence to the inherent standards of our business and to manage the impact of our projects in the short and medium term.

Our most obvious acts of social responsibility are the provision of infrastructure projects that connect the country, invigorating the economy, and bringing progress to the entire territory of the country. Our company fulfills its commitments with good corporate governance and sustainability, and is one of the best places to work in Colombia. In addition, we preserve the environment based on our integrated management system, which takes environmental impact alleviation strategies into consideration.